Review: Shadow Service #1

Shadow Service #1

Well that escalated quickly. Shadow Service is Jessica Jones with a twist of John Constantine. Shadow Service #1 introduces us to Gina Meyers a private investigator with some magical powers. She takes whatever jobs to make a living and uses her powers for whatever needs to be done. She’s a witch who needs to make a living.

Written by Cavan Scott, Shadow Service #1 is a bit surprising. The debut issue does an excellent job of introducing you to Gina and the world. It lays out the general rules and what she can do within the story and not spending lots of time sidetracked by that. Shadow Service #1 sets her up as powerful but tortured and worn out by that. It also delivers a bit of a twist.

The comic for the most part plays out like a standard detective story. Gina is on a mission to find an individual for a client. She then moves on to figure out more about an individual following her. And that simplicity is used by Scott. This could easily be a detective story with magic. Instead, that is escalated multiple times with gruesome situations and scenes.

The search for an individual spirals into a creepy sequence we don’t get all the answers for. The search for an individual spying on her at a gym too goes out of control. Where the comic starts and where it ends feels like it’s almost two different stories in some ways. Where we’re left feels like the real start of what’s to come with everything up to it a prelude to the real action and story.

Scott is helped by Corin Howell‘s pencils, Triona Farrell‘s colors, and lettering by Andworld Design. The art is key in that it goes from fairly come to borderline gross quickly and does it in a way that’s dropping the hammer. There’s no build up to it, it hits you with the imagery. The magic too is displayed in interesting ways popping off the page especially due to the colors and use of lettering. It’s quiet and chill until it isn’t. Like Gina’s magic the chills just pop out of nowhere going from 0 to 60 right away.

Shadow Service #1 is an interesting debut. I thought I knew what the comic was going to be like going in to it but by the end, it’s not what I expected at all. What starts as a simple detective story winds up as something totally different by the end and leaves me intrigued to see what’s next.

Story: Cavan Scott Art: Corin Howell
Color: Triona Farrell Letterer: Andworld Design
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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