Olivia Wilde Will Direct a Female-Centered Marvel Film for Sony

Olivia Wilde

Deadline is reporting that Olivia Wilde has been chosen to direct a secret Marvel film project for Sony revolving around a female character. Speculation is the film is Spider-Woman. Sony hasn’t confirmed the hiring but Wilde Tweeted the original story with a little symbol indicated the rumor is true.

Wilde and Katie Silberman will write the film with Amy Pascal producing and Rachel O’Connor will be the executive producer.

The film is thought to be on top of the Madame Webb film being directed by S.J. Clarkson and the in-development Black Cat and Silver Sable film. When it comes to the “Spider-Verse,” Spider-Woman is the logical choice for a female-centric film though Spider-Gwen would be a possibility as well.

While mostly known as an actress, Wilde earned praised with her film directorial debut with Booksmart. She has generally stayed out of the world of comic film adaptations and only appeared in Cowboys & Aliens in 2011 from DreamWorks and Universal.