Soaring Penguin Press Switches to Crowdfunding

Soaring Penguin Press

Soaring Penguin Press has announced they will be moving to a crowdfunding business model effective immediately, starting with any currently scheduled titles.

Following the publication of the UK Comics Creator Survey, Co-Publishers Tim Pilcher and John Anderson examined their business model to see if there was a way to redress the imbalance in the earnings of comics creators. The two came to the conclusion that the current “royalty-based pay scheme” meant there was no chance for creators to get a living wage. By pivoting to this model, the publisher can provide money up-front to creators.

The company will also continue to focus on publishing alternative voices. That was another thing the survey highlighted as imbalanced. The company realizes that this will require varying commitment from them to make sure titles are funded.

Their first title under the new business model will be the debut graphic novel The Glass Wall by William Robertson and Yulia Lapko, which is scheduled to come out in November. 

Lucian’s life is fucked. In a self-obsessed East End London where everyone is snorting, shooting, or smoking, where nights pass in a fog of half-remembered physical and emotional wounds, Lucian’s been advised— no, instructed—that the only defense is to wear an armour of indifference. Then his best friend is accused of raping his ex-fiancee. Should he pick a side? Or is he best to stay out of it?.