Get a First Look at The Sacrifice of Darkness from Roxane Gay, Tracy Lynne Oliver, Rebecca Kirby, and James Fenner

BOOM! Studios has released a first look at the original graphic novel, The Sacrifice of Darkness, from New York Times bestselling author Roxane Gay, writer Tracy Lynne Oliver, artist Rebecca Kirby, and colorist James Fenner, adapting Gay’s New York Times bestselling short story “We Are the Sacrifice of Darkness” into a full-length graphic novel and expanding the short story about a tragic event that forever bathes the world in darkness, available in comic shops on October 21, 2020. and in bookstores on October 27, 2020.

Follow a couple’s powerful journey through this new landscape as they discover love, family, and the true light in a world seemingly robbed of any. As they challenge the world’s notions of identity, guilt, and survival, they find that no matter the darkness, there remain sources of hope that can pierce the veil.