Ask For Mercy continues with Season Three: A World of Disquiet Available Tomorrow from ComiXology Originals and Comicraft

Look up! Space squids and space whales are overhead. The apocalypse has arrived in Season Three of Ask For Mercy written by Richard Starkings (Elephantmen, The Beef) with art by rising star Abigail Jill Harding. Issue #1 of the hit comiXology Originals series and Comicraft’s #1 monster comic is available on August 11th.

In Ask For Mercy Season Three: A World of Disquiet it’s 2023 in Leeds, England and the apocalypse is here. A great evil has befallen the world. Strange squids and whales appear in the sky above cities all over the Earth. While Mercy and Ratmir fight monsters on the street, they meet a young girl named Becky and are charged with looking after her. Is there more to Becky than meets the eye? Is she the key to peace and saving the humans?

Previous volumes of Ask For Mercy include:

Ask For Mercy Season One: The Key To Forever—A World War II fantasy horror story in which Mercy is snatched from her own place and time to join a team of Monster Hunters, who together, have to take on a Pantheon of Hideous Creatures summoned to our world by Nazi evil.

 Ask For Mercy Season Two: The Heart of the Earth—Kasa takes Mercy, Ratmir and Budgie on an adventure where the course of history is at stake! Summoned by Lakota shaman, Medicine Bear, Mercy and her band of monsters discover that Ikto’mi, the Spider-trickster, is interfering with the lives of the people of the Black Hills and the American soldiers intent on driving them out!

Ask For Mercy Season 3 #1

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