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Preview: Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Season 2 #4

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Season 2 #4

Author(s): Jody Houser
Artist(s): Roberta Ingranata
Cover Artist(s): Sanya Anwar (A), Photo Cover (B) Comicraft (C)

It all ends in a… blink!? With the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors finally together, they might actually stand a chance of surviving the swinging sixties. But with Weeping Angels surrounding the Tardis, and Autons not far behind, temporal paradoxes might be the least of their worries! Climactic conclusion to the first arc of the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctor team-up by Eisner-nominated writer Jody Houser and Witchblade artist Roberta Ingranata.

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Season 2 #4

Review: Made in America: The FBI Files of Malcolm X #3

Made in America: The FBI Files of Malcolm X #3

Anyone who has seen Roots can identify with the elements of family and sacrifice. Alex Haley’s family’s journey throughout history is both compelling and heartbreaking.  I was old enough to remember watching the second time the original series aired nationwide, and as difficult as it was to watch the horrors of slavery, the story needed to be told. The story was further expanded, in Roots: The Next Generations, as we found out more about the author himself.

We found about his hardship of growing up without a mother to a father whose job was paramount to his family.  We also found about the struggles he endured in the military and his eventual discovery of his calling as a writer.  What I found most compelling in that miniseries is his interview with Malcolm X for Playboy and subsequent agreement to write his autobiography. In the third issue of Malcolm X: Made In America, Wayne Muhammad dives into that endearing partnership, which would lead to a book that would change lives for years.

We find Malcolm back in Manhattan, answering questions after a sermon about his philosophy on the direction black people in America must take, a sharp change from what other leaders of the time had been spouting., a new attitude that gains him followers. We also find FBI Agent, O’Neill, and his informant, Othello, discussing how they can undermine his efforts, a pursuit that has failed so far. We also meet Haley, who has repeatedly tried to interview Malcolm, whose justified paranoia, loosens enough for Alex to peer in. By the issue’s end, Malcolm realizes his story is bigger than he would ever be while alive, as its impact can change black lives around the world.

Overall, an issue in this very story that shows the complexities of a man whose light was more brilliant than he would ever know. The story by Muhammad is formidable and vast. The art by the creative team is astonishing. Altogether, a chapter in this important hero’s journey which shows how human he really was.

Story: Wayne Muhammad
Art: Wayne Muhammad, Wayne Powell, Lee Townsend, Martin Griffiths, Benjamin Wachenji,
and Comicraft
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Day of Judgement #5

Day of Judgement #5

For fans of superhero movies, the films are extensions of the heroes we grew up reading. I never in a million years would believe I would see a faithful adaptation of any of our heroes. Tim Burton’s Batman was iconic and drew from the source material but also served the Hollywood machine. Then there was the film version of Daredevil, which felt both sincere and yet struggled to find that happy medium.

The closest we came became before the MCU was the film adaptation of Watchmen, which was very faithful and gave audiences a page by page recreation of the book. So when the Avengers movies introduced the Infinity Gauntlet saga, it gave fans a rare element in these movies until then, sentiment. Fans across the world felt the snap of Thanos when many of our favorite heroes were gone. In the fifth issue of Day Of Judgment, our heroes face their final battle for control of the Spectre.

We find Neron facing off Superman and the Sentinels of Magic, as his powers are so immense it temporarily stops Superman. We also find Hal Jordan pleading the case to embody the Spectre, as his past sins give him cause. Asmodel grants him the power of the Spectre, where he defeats and cages Neron to face his family. Neron would have his title stripped and be imprisoned forever by Asmodel. By story’s end, the city has been brought back by Hal, as he quietly acclimates to his new role.

Overall, an issue that shows why so many people still love this story. The story by Geoff Johns is perceptive and electrifying. The art by the creative team is extraordinary. Altogether, a final chapter that gives a sentimental tribute to the hero’s journey of Hal Jordan.

Story: Geoff Johns
Art: Comicraft, Matthew Dow Smith, James Sinclair,
and Steve Mitchell
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Day of Judgement #4

Day of Judgement #4

Marvel has had its share of comic book heroes who have had some huge story arcs. One of those heroes which come to mind is the Hulk. It’s a shame we haven’t gotten to see him in more solo movies as the many story arcs he has enjoyed have given fans much to salivate over the possibilities.

One of his most interesting arcs was Planet Hulk. A story where we saw the inner struggle between Bruce Banner and the Hulk while he tries to stay alive. It’s a story which enjoyed a wink and a nod in Thor Ragnarok.  In the fourth issue of Day Of Judgment, our heroes fight to get control of the Spectre, much like Bruce fought to get control of the Hulk.

We find Wonder Woman’s team fighting The Spectre, Etrigan and his minions, while they lay waste to the city. Dr. Fate and the Justice Society Of America, reverse a tragedy that would have spelled death for one of our heroes ., as Hal Jordan, wields the power of not only his ring but the collective power of the Green Lantern Corps, making him a formidable opponent to Asmodel. Meanwhile, Shazam takes the Spear of Destiny from Starfire, and ultimately counterbalancing Asmodel. By the issue’s end, Asmodel’s hold of the Spectre is neutered, leaving one brave soul to inhabit the vessel, as Batman and Hal, are stopped by Superman from assuming the mantle.

Overall, an issue that evens the playing field for the good guys. The story by Geoff Johns is insightful and exciting. The art by the creative team is exceptional. Altogether, an installment which will leave the reader on the edge of their seat.

Story: Geoff Johns
Art: Comicraft, Matthew Dow Smith, James Sinclair,
and Steve Mitchell
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Day of Judgement #3

Day of Judgement #3

I have always heard the metaphor “There’s only one way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” This sentiment shows no matter how big the problem, you must deal with a problem step by step regardless. Some people panic when they see a problem coming at them. Then there are those who settle in focus and attack the problem head on.

The events of Avengers: Infinity War showed that despite your best efforts, sometimes failure is inevitable. It’s not this consequence that should consume those involved, but how does one move through it and past it. Those protagonists fought Thanos on multiple fronts, ensuring his eventual defeat. In the third issue of Day Of Judgment, our heroes are still fighting on three fronts, despite the gloom in front of them

We find some the Spectre evil spirit creating Hell On earth, an act which is met by Batman and The Sentinels of Magic, as they battle his forces in Hell. While Captain Marvel fights the Undead in out space. We also find Wonder Woman leading a contingent of the Justice League in Purgatory, as they search for the Spear Of Destiny. By the issue’s end, we start to find out what Etrigan’s motive for aiding Spectre and one of our heroes fall in the most devastating way possible.

Overall, an issue that shows how high the stakes are for our heroes. The story by Geoff Johns is perceptive and action-packed. The art by the creative team is outstanding. Altogether, an installment which shows glimpses of Johns’  then burgeoning masterful storytelling abilities.

Story: Geoff Johns
Art: Comicraft, Mathew Dow Smith, James Sinclair,
and Steve Mitchell
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Day of Judgement #2

Day of Judgement #2

Turnover can be rough for all those involved. Those dealing with the fallout have to adjust to the change in workload and manpower. Then there are those, who are the change agents, where they are dealing with change on two fronts. They’re the ones causing things to change. They have to deal with the grief they cause and the people they leave behind. Then there’s the unknown they deal with. This new circumstance which changes their lives completely. It’s never easy either way and it’s more difficult for everyone involved.

What happens when the people you most rely on are simply not there anymore or have moved from your inner circle? In the second issue of Day Of Judgment, our heroes are fighting on three fronts, and one hero chooses not step up this time.

We find some being inhabiting the Spectre battling the Sentinels Of Magic, finding a moment of weakness to temporarily defeat this demon. Meanwhile, Batman and Wonder Woman gather a contingent of the Justice League, where Zatanna, Firestorm, The Atom, and Faust head to an alternate dimension to reignite the fires in Hell since it has become frozen with Spectre’s exit. Alan Scott, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman head to Heaven to convince them to join the fight. By issue’s end, an unlikely hero decides to step up, making an uneasy alliance for all.

Overall, an issue that explores how vast the story is, making for an exciting climax. The story by Geoff Johns is intuitive and action-packed. The art by the creative team is remarkable. Altogether, an issue in this evolving story which gives fans the quality of storytelling which we have known Johns to provide.

Story: Geoff Johns
Art: Comicraft, Mathew Dow Smith, James Sinclair,
and Steve Mitchell
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Made in America: The FBI Files of Malcolm X #2

Made in America: The FBI Files of Malcolm X #2

The majesty of who Malcolm X was never more present than in the biopic directed by Spike Lee. It must be noted that he has been portrayed in many movies and television shows throughout the years, but none more magnificent than Lee’s opus. The movie brought to life not only why he was such a magnetic personality but also why he was so impactful. The movie most importantly illustrated his evolution.

That inner turmoil is what made his change, so compelling. Denzel Washington’s portrayal in the movie gave viewers someone that everyone could identify with. He showed how his morals no longer aligned with the Nation Of Islam and how his growth reflected how his morals became bigger than the movement he was leading. This was especially when he began his Hajj that started in Egypt. It is a progression that is currently being explored in Godfather Of Harlem. In the second issue of Made in America: The FBI Files of Malcolm X, writer Wayne Muhammad dives into the first time he went overseas, and how his eyes begun to have his eyes opened

We find Malcolm riding in a car with local grassroots politician, and future president of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, who are sharing a laugh between friends and whose association catches the eyes of the FBI.As he tries to bring light to the fact, racism abroad is just as despondent as racism stateside, he finds an ally in Sadat. He also travels to Saudi Arabia, where he meets a Saudi royal, Omar Khan, who advises him of the existence of the Bedouins and their importance to Saudi culture and also how distinct, Elijah Muhammad’s teachings are to the tenets of Islam. By issue’s end, we find Malcolm issuing a sermon that sets him clearly apart from the rest of the Civil Right Movement and would mark him with the firebrand” that he is known for today.

Overall, a thorough dive into who Malcolm X was and how his evolution started long before his trip to Mecca. The story by Muhammad is powerful and immense. The art by the creative team is stunning. Altogether, a story that will keep readers glued to this book, to see a whole different look at this most important hero.

Story: Wayne Muhammad
Art: Wayne Muhammad, Wayne Powell, Lee Townsend, Martin Griffiths, Benjamin Wachenji and Comicraft
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Day of Judgement #1

Day of Judgement #1

When it comes to enigmatic characters, by far, DC has the competition beat. Never has a stable of characters been so storied. When it comes to the darkness of human nature, that DC’s characters show that part well. Take for instance, the recently released Joker, which gives viewers a more realistic vision of how such a person gets pushed to the brink. Readers have seen the character’s more twisted ploys including the much-celebrated, and controversial, Killing Joke.

It was within this movie; we got a much more realized and off-putting narrative to this legendary antagonist. The story, itself spoke to the societal ills of today but also how a revolution on certain levels can give rise. One of my other favorite characters is the Spectre, whose own story is both macabre and part detective noir. In one of Geoff Johns’ best outings, Day Of Judgment, we find this hero in the crosshairs of a major force rising through the DCU.

We’re taken to Hell, where an angel is being tortured for a plot to take over Heaven, which prompts Etrigan to offer Spectre’s physical embodiment since Corrigan recently vacated it. As he uses the demon, Asmodel, to rein in the power of Spectre and raise all the demons in Hell to carry out carnage on Earth. This catches the attention of certain superheroes, first, Zatanna, then Enchantress, and a few key figures in the JLA including Batman and Wonder Woman. As The JLA faces Spectre and Etrigan, we find an unfair fight, leaving each member defeated especially the might trio of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. By the issue’s end, when all hope looks lost, this is exactly when Zatanna ad the rest of the heroes known as The Sentinels of Magic spring into action.

Overall, a stunning debut issue into what was the world’s introduction to Justice League Dark, which is more than a fitting introduction. The story by Johns is layered, complex and intellectual. The art by the creative team is spectacular. Altogether, an outstanding origin story to one of the best teams in the DC Universe.

Story: Geoff Johns
Art: Steve Mitchell, Comicraft, James Sinclair,
and Matthew Dow Smith
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Marvels Epilogue

Marvels Epilogue

Commemorating 25 years since Marvels, Marvels Epilogue is a brand new addition by writer Kurt Busiek and artist Alex Ross‘ groundbreaking work. The two teamed together to create Marvels, a beautiful look at the history of the Marvel universe. Now, in a brand-new 16-page story, they return one last time to the 1970s and the X-Men.

Reporter Phil Sheldon has retired. The story features a holiday trip with his daughters to Manhattan to see Christmas lights. He once again has a close-up perspective on the new world, this time the mutant experience. Through his view, we get to witness the X-Men’s battle with Sentinels and eventually another hero’s debut.

Busiek and Ross again deliver wonder and amazement. Through the story and artwork, though short, they pack in a lot of history. The comic is a pure celebration of that Marvel history. While the story is too short (more please!) it has so much packed in the back it’s well worth it for Marvels fans.

Ross’ art is the usual amazing with a style unlike anything else on the shelf. Just absolutely breathtaking, the reader has a perspective like Sheldon in wonder and beauty.

Marvels Epilogue features interviews and some of what inspired this brand new story. It peels back the curtains on a series that was defining and spun out so many imitators. The information given is amazing for those who enjoy the process and history of making comics and one day I hope for that the recent “annotated” comics and this are packaged in one “ultimate” edition.

The worst part of the Marvels Epilogue is that it left me wanting more. The story, while entertaining is too short. The reader gets a treat and teased by a fleeting moment of excellence. Thankfully we can return to it as many times as we want to enjoy over and over. This was a defining series and this epilogue, while a long time coming, reminds us why.

Story: Kurt Busiek Art: Alex Ross
Lettering: John Roshell & Richard Starkings of Comicraft
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

AHOY Announces an Exclusive Deal with Diamond and Upcoming Release Dates

Diamond Book Distributors has signed a distribution agreement with AHOY Comics. Diamond Book Distributors will exclusively distribute AHOY Comics trade paperbacks to the traditional book market, while Diamond Comic Distributors will distribute the books to the comic book specialty market.

The independent, Syracuse-based publisher was founded by Hart Seely, an award-winning journalist whose work has been featured in The New York Times and on National Public Radio. In recent weeks, AHOY Comics acquired the publishing rights to the controversial comic book series, Second Coming, the satirical comic book series in which Jesus Christ resumes His Holy Mission. In the series by The New York Times bestselling writer Mark Russell and acclaimed artist Richard Pace, God commands Earth’s mightiest superhero, Sunstar, to accept Jesus Christ as his roommate and teach him how to use His power in a… more powerful way.Second Coming will be released on July 10, ahead of San Diego Comic Con and following the release of the High Heaven trade paperback.

Timed to today’s announcement, AHOY Comics officially announced the release dates for its first three trade paperback collections. The Wrong Earth, the acclaimed superhero satire that introduced fan favorites Dragonfly and Dragonflyman, will be available in book form in comic stores across the country on May 1, ahead of the release of the company’s Free Comic Book Day title entitled Dragonfly and Dragonflyman #1.


By writer Tom Peyer, penciller Jamal Igle, inker Juan Castro, colorist Andy Troy and letterer Rob Steen. Featuring extra content by Paul Constant, Frank Cammuso, Gary Erskine, Tom Feister and others. Introduction by Tom Scocca.

On dark, gritty Earth-Omega, masked vigilante Dragonfly punishes evil maniacs and evades corrupt authorities. On sun-splashed Earth-Alpha, costumed crook-catcher Dragonflyman upholds the letter of the law. Now they’re trapped on each other’s worlds, where even the good guys don’t share their values! This volume also collects all the original Stinger, Dragonfly and Dragonflyman backup stories, plus extra behind-the-scenes features.

On sale in comic shops on May 1, 2019; On sale in bookstores on May 14, 2019

192 page trade paperback; $19.99 US/$25.99 CAN



By writer Stuart Moore, penciller June Brigman, inker Roy Richardson, colorist Veronica Gandini and letterer Comicraft.

Now in one volume: the acclaimed tale of a starship run by cats! The intrepid Captain Ginger struggles to keep his fellow felines united against a hostile universe—and their own worst feline instincts. Featuring the entire original miniseries, plus two rare extra stories and a sketchbook of character designs. Introduction by Walter Simonson (Thor, Ragnarok).

On sale in comic shops on June 5, 2019; On sale in bookstores on June 18, 2019

128 page trade paperback; $15.99 US / $20.99 CAN



By writer Tom Peyer, artist Greg Scott, colorist Andy Troy and letterer Rob Steen. Covers by Richard Williams.

Collecting the acclaimed tale of chronic malcontent David Weathers, who dies and goes to Heaven—where everything is terrible, and everybody hates a complainer. A savage satire by writer Tom Peyer (Hourman, Batman ’66) with art by Greg Scott (Black Hood, X-Files). Features the entire five-issue series plus a bonus illustrated script feature with commentary by Peyer.

On sale in comic shops on June 19, 2019; On sale in bookstores on July 2, 2019

128 page trade paperback; $15.99 US / $20.99 CA

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