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Negan Lives #1 Gets a Second Printing while Fire Power #1 is Over 150,000 Copies

The New York Times bestselling, award-winning creative team behind The Walking Dead phenomenon — Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard — have done it again with an instant sell-out at the distributor level of the surprise release, Negan Lives #1, last week. A new printing has been greenlit for retailers to reorder stock of the buzzy one-shot story and will be available on Wednesday, August 5.

Fans snagging their Negan Lives #1 issue last week were simultaneously introduced to an all-new series from Kirkman and Chris Samnee, Fire Power. Over 150K promotional copies of Fire Power #1 were quickly wiped out and fans eagerly added their Fire Power, Vol. 1: Prelude trade paperbacks to buy piles in anticipation of the August single issue series launch.

Fire Power #1 (Diamond Code JUN200038), Fire Power #2 (Diamond Code JUN200076), and Negan Lives #1 second printing (Diamond Code APR208954) will be available for purchase on Wednesday, August 5.