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Voting is Your Super Power With this Clover Press Indiegogo Campaign

Voting is Your Superpower

Clover Press and Yoe Books are putting together a 104-page collection of rare, cool, and vintage comics all about one’s duty to vote called Voting is Your Superpower. Voting is Your Superpower collects comics from the Cold War and Civil Rights era and features essential messages for today’s public.

The collection features an introduction by Julie Newmar.

There are all sorts of interesting extras like magnets, buttons, and t-shirts, including the new superhero for the times, General Election who is featured on the cover by Sanford Greene.

The collection features comics from the League of Women Voters in New York City, NAACP, National Research Bureau, American Heritage Foundation, and more!

The Indiegogo campaign runs for 18 more days and ends on July 20.