Scott Lobdell Departs Red Hood as New Allegations are Raised

Scott Lobdell is a comic writer who has largely escaped allegations of harassment. Today, he announced that he would be exiting Red Hood and the Outlaws after the 50th issue wraps. He began writing the character of Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, since DC’s New 52 initiative in 2011 and has one of the longer current runs of a single writer on a character.

I’m stepping away from only remaining freelance work on Red Hood and The Outlaws, effective immediately” Lobdell wrote. “Issue #50 out in October will be my final issue. While I’m profoundly grateful for the last ten years on a book telling the story of a tragically flawed man in search of redemption, I depart certain that my vacancy will be filled by a dynamic new voice.

His statement makes it sound like Lobdell is stepping away from comics as a whole. He still is writing for Dynamite and is launching their latest volume of The Green Hornet.

The writer has found success with films like Happy Death Day which was released in 2017 and a sequel in 2019. He also was a writer on Critters Attack! which was released in 2019 and an attempt to reboot the classic horror franchise. His creator-owned comic series Ball and Chain is currently being adapted into a film starring The Rock and Emily Blunt.

Lobdell admitted to having engaged in harassment in 2013 and was accused of it last year again when he was announced as the writer of Flash Forward.

I myself witnessed Lobdell drunkenly making a woman uncomfortable, something she told me had happened multiple times before, at San Diego Comic-Con. A DC staffer stood next to Lobdell as if to make sure he didn’t get completely out of hand but was ok with general creepiness. A source also has spoken privately of unwanted inappropriate messages Lobdell would send over instant message.

With Lobdell’s announcement, numerous individuals have spoken out further about the creator leaving many to wonder if he’s getting out of comics before more is revealed threatening his movie career.

Artist Tess Fowler came forward about inappropriate comments Lobdell made to her.

Alex de Campi too took to Twitter to speak up as well:

And more individuals have come forward as witnesses to his behavior.

Numerous other individuals are coming forward with their own stories and screenshots of inappropriate messages the writer has sent.

Lobdell is a shining example of a known problem within the industry seeing no repercussions due to their actions and being protected by senior staff. And, suffering no accountability, is able to walk away on his terms.