Comic Creator Scott Allie is Again Named in a Sexual Assault

Shawna Gore has come forward with a story of how she was “assaulted, harassed, and retaliated” against by, at the time, fellow Dark Horse employee Scott Allie.

Gore talks about behavior that occurred over a 14 year period that went unchecked. Shawna’s story includes physical assault, workplace harassment, sexual harassment, retaliation, and more.

You can read her full story below (WARNING: Triggering):

This isn’t the first news about Scott Allie’s behavior. In 2015 we ran the story about Allie assaulting two people at San Diego Comic-Con while was the Editor-in-Chief of Dark Horse Comics. It goes on to recount that Allie’s behavior was known with the company joking about Allie on their website and beyond. Dark Horse refused to act on the behavior according to employees at the time.

Allie eventually left the company but has found work in recent years, often with Dark Horse series. He has worked on Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy and worked with Mike Mignola on some of his Hellboy Comics co-writing. Mignola has spoken up Tweeting:

I believe Shawna Gore.

Given what I have read today, I will be discontinuing working with Scott Allie.

Dark Horse retweeted Mignola stating stating the below and no mention of the people assaulted by their former employee:

Dark Horse supports Mike Mignola and this decision.

More to come.

There are far more stories to come from many more brave individuals about too many individuals in the industry. It’s beyond time the industry stopped Tweeting and making empty statements and actually acted upon their currently empty rhetoric.