Meet Black Indie Comix Distro, the New Distributor on the Shelf

BIC DIstro

With all of the focus on the current distribution shake-ups at Diamond, a new distributor has flown under the radar. Black Indie Comix Distro is a new comic distributor having launched on May 25, 2020.

BIC Distro is a partnership formed by 133art, MVmedia, LLC, and Hiro! Unlimited. They offer comic and graphic novel distribution specializing in independent POC creators. In their about page, they also mention they will “utilize state of the art distribution and printing service to provide new opportunities for POC independent creators and retail outlets.”

The company’s team includes Milton Davis, the writer/publisher at MVmedia, Andre Owens, the writer/publisher at Hiro! Unlimited, and Jason Reeves, illustrator/publisher at 133art.

The current catalog includes about a dozen comics from 133art Publishing, Hiro! Unlimited, Legends Press, MVmedia, Robert Jeffrey, and Webway Comics.

With BIC Distro there’s now at least a half dozen distributors focused on the comic industry.