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Review: Discombobulated: Irrationality For the Win


Your inner voice is usually what people think of as their conscience. We rarely look at is as our worst enemy, that thing that holds us back or give us doubt in our motives and actions. Sometimes, we also fail to realize it is our based instinct.

It may be that “spidey sense” that a tingle when we feel something is wrong. It can lead us to places where we would never dream of or meeting the type of people we usually don’t commiserate with. It may even lead us to find that special somebody. In the seventh story arc of the hilarious and relevant Discombobulated, David has a crisis, is it real or imagined; only he can answer it.

We find David, by himself, as he feels something is wrong, which is when his inner voice pops up struggling to calm him down. David feels he is having a heart attack while his inner voice warns him it is nothing but an anxiety attack. David’s inner voice finally succumbs as he realizes that it may be a heart attack.

Overall, an intriguing chapter which illustrates how such maladies occur. The story by David F. Walker is comical. The art by DJ Parnell is terrific. Altogether, a story that illustrates just how much stress occurs in things like anxiety attacks.

Story: David F. Walker Art: DJ Parnell 
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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