Review: Avengers #33

Avengers #33

“The Age of Khonshu” begins in Avengers #33 as Moon Knight takes on the Avengers. It’s a solid return of the series giving a fresh start after time off and providing a perfect jumping-on point. Avengers #33 is exactly that, a perfect spot to start reading the series. That’s for both lapsed readers and new readers. There is nothing you need to know coming into this comic.

The issue is very simple, Moon Knight whips some butt as he gathers power for something. We don’t know what and there’s not a whole lot of explanation. Writer Jason Aaron keeps the comic focused and repetitive in a way. Each Avenger is taken by surprise and shocked by Moon Knight’s actions. Rinse. Repeat. But, by doing so, Aaron also keeps the reader on the edge as we don’t know what’s going on. Isn’t Moon Knight a good guy?

There’s teases as to why he might be committing his actions. Is he suffering another mental breakdown? Is he trying to save the planet? All we know is he displays abilities he never has before. The concept of “moon” and Moon Knight’s tie to it feels like it’s expanded for the better. We’re also given a nice variety of Avengers he takes on showing that Moon Knight’s abilities and power has expanded in numerous ways. He’s not just good at combat but also magic.

Aaron also makes sure to deliver some tender moments like when Black Panther walks into the fire ceding control of the team to another. It’s a shocking moment as we the reader realize just how strong Moon Knight has gotten that even a King and someone of Black Panther’s ability is resigned to the fact he’ll likely lose.

Artist Javier Garrón delivers solid action throughout. Along with colorist Jason Keith and letterer Cory Petit the action feels like it evolves in a way throughout the comic as Moon Knight evolves. The opening sequence of Moon Knight vs. Iron Fist is fantastic with at times what feels like manga inspired flair but it also never goes over the top with it to the point the art doesn’t feel like the Avengers or Marvel.

The issue is a solid starting point. While there’s not a ton to the comic itself, it has numerous shocking moments as Moon Knight makes quick work of the Avengers for some goal. It’s an unexpected direction for the character and series and one that also feels welcome in many ways. Moon Knight has always played second tier with times of “indie cred” and it looks like now’s his time to be in the spotlight.

Story: Jason Aaron Art: Javier Garrón
Color: Jason Keith Letterer: Cory Petit
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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