Grit is Coming in July from Scout Comics

Old Man Barrow, known best for his sour attitude and his ruthless efficiency. He bites off more than he can chew when a routine troll-hunting gig goes awry, landing him in the clutches of a backwoods doomsday cult. Ignorant to the true nature of the malign forces at work, Barrow is forced to team up with Ari, a hot-headed young witch dead set on breaking him of his ultra-violent habits. Swamp hags and goblin gangs be damned, it’ll be a miracle if these unlikely allies can make it through this mess without killing each other!

Grit is a brand-new comic series coming out July 2020 from writer Brian Wickman, art by Kevin Castaniero, color by Simon Gough, and lettering by Micah Myers. Scout Comics will publish it.