Recap: Supergirl S5E17 “Deus Lex Machina”

Deus Lex Machina” shows us what Lex did after the Crisis and his plans to create a world of his own liking, his singular focus and dislike of Kryptonians in any multiverse means that he didn’t notice the bigger threat, the Leviathan. In this world, Eve has gone from mousy sycophant to assassin spy badass for Leviathan and Lex sets out return her to his fold.

Something Wicked This Way Comes: Obsidian Platinum via Leviathan orders is the big baddie to beat in this episode and Lex, with all of his good intentions, is still a baddie and up to his old tricks of double-dealing while rekindling his toxic, one-sided, relationship with Eve.

Stupid Games: Lex has been the king of playing stupid games to win stupid prizes. His privileged straight white male plan to stop Leviathan and kill whichever Kryptonian is stealing his thunder. We all know his plans will not work and he will need Supergirl’s help but, it’s so much worse having to watch him emotionally destroy /abuse and manipulate Eve, in every world, and blame her, in every world while he steals valuable screen time from the person who should be centered in the story.

Overall Thoughts: The Supergirl writers are staying the course they took last season. What initially started out as a show about Supergirl has turned into an ensemble show that just happens to bear the title character’s name. In “Deus,” the show manages to give the talented Melissa Benoist less than 1/4 of the screen time on a show that she’s the star of. What’s worse is that the show focuses a majority of the episodes time on Lex, her male arch-enemy and when they share the screen, it’s mostly about Supergirl in relation to Lex, not the other way around. In a show that started out being a feminist comic book-based show, it was bearable and somewhat OK when they shifted course after Cat Grant’s departure and became mildly faux woke because at least the show stayed about Supergirl. Unfortunately, in recent seasons the show has shifted away from even pretending to be something feminist centered and has settled in a space that erases even the lead character. If the show wishes to veer away from its initial offerings, it could simply add “and friends” to the title so that the viewer’s expectations can be managed. I understand that Lex is a huge part of the story but, this isn’t supposed to be about Lex or any of the villains, what worked before was seeing how Supergirl navigated her life as Kara while still doing her duty as Supergirl. There’s also the issue of Lena, her woe is me story arc has become unbelievable and unnecessary, it’s a waste of the amazingly talented actress that portrays her as she shows up every episode to give the same speech and then storm off. These Lena appearances do not do the character and justice nor do they serve a purpose, other than enforcing negative and harmful stereotypes about female friendships and pettiness. The way the writers have things play out between the once close friends borders on every cliche that men come up with then they write female relationships and it kind of forces any future writers to follow suit. I feel that it would have been better to just have her not in the episode at all rather than underutilize her by having her be manipulated by Lex and then storming off to yell at Kara before storming off.

Overall: 7.5