Recap: Batwoman S1E17 – “A Narrow Escape”

A Narrow Escape opens with Alice/Beth and Kate playing video games inside of Alice’s mind while her body is stuck in Arkham getting shock treatment at the hands of a brutal sadistic doctor. In the outside world, Batwoman is fighting off the baddies and taking her guilt and aggression out on every criminal that crosses her caped path. We time jump a week into the future where a GCPD officer wakes up in his patrol car with a bomb strapped to his chest and given the choice of killing himself with the bomb or freeing himself and letting another bomb go off taking someone else’s life.

Back at Mary’s clinic, she treats a wannabe caped crusader who has taken over her duties while Kate suffers from PTSD and panic attacks stemming from her murder of Cartwright. Ms. Pennyworth and Kate have resumed their relationship to a degree and she tries to talk Kate back into the mask before she leaves to go back to her life. Mouse and Alice are in group therapy “unburdening themselves” and while Mouse sees it as a safe haven and sanctuary from those after them, Alice sees it as a cage keeping them from causing mayhem.

The Big Bad: This episode’s villain is The Detonator but, not the original one, a copycat who’s taken up the mantel after a 7-year absence. The Detonator is strapping bombs to heroes and giving them a choice between saving themselves or allowing a bomb to go off somewhere else and killing other people. Only, since the real Detonator died 7 years ago, the copycat is using his MO to tie up some loo

The Side Story: Lucious Fox’s alleged murderer went free in the last episode and was promptly gunned down after having a conversation with Luke that convinced him of his innocence. But, his assassination put Sophie on the trail of a huge conspiracy within The Crows that she’s determined to crack before more bodies drop to cover it up

Best Moment: There were a few but, the one that got me the most was Mary letting Kate know that she knows who she is and giving her the push she needs to put the cape back on and save the day. It was beautiful, sincere and touching.

Episode MVP: Alice is a whole rockstar who steals every scene. She manages to play crazy and longing so well that it’s hella hard not to root for and feel sorry her. She’s toxic AF and even seems to have a toxic relationship with herself but, when she gets herself shived in Arkham to smuggle a gun to Mouse so they can steal the evil docs face.

Overall: 9.6