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eigoMANGA Releases Somnia Manga On comiXology

eigoMANGA has announced that the company has released Somnia digitally on comiXology.

Somnia is created by best-selling author, Brandon Chen, a prolific author of fiction novels such as Ghost Wolf, God of War: Ares, and Age of Darkness. The manga is illustrated by Mohammad Umair Ali.

Somnia tells the story of Ren, a teenager who receives a mystic lantern that makes his dreams become reality; starting when he accidentally brought Jubei, a cyborg-samurai, to life. With his unique companion, Ren is thrust into an ongoing war between fellow Dream-Walkers and monsters that are forged from the dreams of sleepers. These monsters grow stronger by feeding on the nightmares of their victims.  Follow Ren’s battle against the nightmares that plague our darkest dreams. Be careful of what you dream of, it just might come true.

Somnia is projected to circulate as a graphic novel to retailers in the Spring of 2021.

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