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ShortBox Launches a Kickstarter for their 12th Comics Box

ShortBox has launched a Kickstarter for their twelfth box of exclusive comics and goods, hot from the presses and straight to your door! The box features five debut comics complete with covers, preview pages, and blurbs for your consideration in news coverage. The Kickstarter was funded within a day, and they’re now headed towards stretch goals!

The project ends Wednesday, May 20 2020 6:00 AM EDT and costs £35.

What Is ShortBox

ShortBox is an independent, Eisner-nominated comics publisher based in Yorkshire, England. 

Since 2016, we’ve been publishing a mail-order comics box containing 5 new comics, a limited edition art-print, and some sweets! What’s unique about our box is that everything in it is new- original work created specifically to be released via the box. 

Each box is a vehicle for us to put out a selection of fresh, exciting, independent comics, and mail them directly to your door!

The Box Features

Dead End Jobs for Ghosts by Aminder Dhaliwal 

What happens when we die? In this pithy new satire on the spookiness of capitalism and the culture of working til you drop (and beyond!), Aminder Dhaliwal answers that eternal question, charting the secret history of Spectreworks Inc., and the deal struck between humans and ghosts to build a spectral workforce via automation- with jobs to suit every ghost!

Dead End Jobs for Ghosts

‘Time will tell’ fabric screenprint by Jillian Tamaki

This oversized screenprinted patch measures 20x20cm, and is exclusive to the box (won’t be available at any later point or for individual sale- this is the only way to get one).  We love the idea of a unique fabric piece that can be framed, quilted, sewn in to a jacket or tote, mini-pennant, bunting, or whatever use you come up with!

'Time will tell' fabric screenprint by Jillian Tamaki

She Would Feel the Same by Emma Hunsinger

Chloe and Phoebe’s relationship has ended, amicably. Nobody instigated the breakup, they both felt it was time to move on. So why can’t Chloe stop thinking about it: how neat and civilised it all was? Is it normal to just suddenly stop loving someone who meant so much to you? Is that… it? An unmissable debut comic work from a formidable up-and-coming comics talent.

She Would Feel the Same by Emma Hunsinger

Pippette and Dudley’s Charming Dog Adventure by Charlotte Mei

Micro-influencer and regional princess Pipette is growing tired of her domestic life and virtual duty, and decides instead to participate in an ‘eligible bachelor’s showcase.’ As Pipette spends more and more time with DJ Prince Kyle, her darling dog and best friend, Dudley. begins to act out, feeling increasingly abandoned. Who will Pipette choose, and will their friendship survive?

Pippette and Dudley's Charming Dog Adventure

Interim by Allissa Chan

A star falls in a strange, empty city, but finds itself trapped and unable to escape. As the city shifts and remakes itself, the star joins forces with an indomitable crow in a bid to gain both their freedoms.


Outspace by Núria Martinez

Outspace is the hot, shiny, new game-of-the-moment, and after being recommended it by a friend, Erin decides to give it a go. Initially sceptical, she soon finds herself engrossed to the point where she real-life and virtual reality begin to blur… Or is she just imagining it?

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