Review: Batman: The Adventures Continue Chapter Two

Batman: The Adventures Continue Chapter Two

Batman: The Adventures Continue Chapter Two wraps up the first story arc in this return to the classic animated series universe. Like the debut issue, the comic is entertaining though it feels like it’s missing the magic of the original series. There’s a sophistication missing.

The story has Batman pursuing Luthor as the mystery behind the stolen item is revealed. It all comes together nicely but winds up being some fight scenes and a twist. The story is a bit straightforward and the compact nature of the two issues probably had something to do with the rush feel of the story.

The writing too just feels off. With some cringe-worthy dialogue. When Luthor exclaims there’s “No way” for Batman to escape, Batman’s retort is just “way.” Whether this is a wink to the 1990s when the original animated series aired, it feels a bit stale and dated by this point.

There’s also an issue with the flow of the story with a few transitions and scenes creating a choppy experience. It’s possible it’d read better with the comiXology panel by panel reader by reading it as a whole, there’s a feeling at times that something is missing.

The art by Ty Templeton nails the look of the world. Along with Monica Kubina’s colors and Joshua Reed’s lettering, the art has the modern retro feel that’s expected. From the vehicles and to the outfits, the look is fairly consistent to the original material. The only thing missing is the use of shadows which would be difficult on the static page. It would also not match the tone of the story itself.

It’s not all bad, there’s something enjoyable about the comic but it’s a bit breezy as far as a read and just misses the magic of what made the original animated series work. This feels like a comic aimed at kids. The cartoon was aimed at kids with maturity and complexity that could be appreciated by adults. Without the nailing of the nostalgia and some questionable dialogue and flow, the excitement for this new series has quickly deflated.

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Story: Alan Burnett, Paul Dini Art: Ty Templeton
Color: Monica Kubina Letterer: Joshua Reed
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.75 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation:

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