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Preview: A House Divided: The Accursed Inheritance of Henrieta Achilles

Are you ready for the new graphic novel series that’s recommended for fans of RPGs and high adventure—and perfect for readers of Lumberjanes and The Adventure Zone graphic novels? Welcome to A House Divided: The Accursed Inheritance of Henrieta Achilles, the action-packed first volume of a brand new, 4-part graphic novel series created by two lifelong friends, Haiko Hörnig and Marius Pawlitza.

Haiko Hörnig spent his childhood in his parents’ comic book store, Comicothek, where he developed a love for sequential art at an early age. In middle school, he quickly became friends with Marius Pawlitza. The two of them first enjoyed role-playing games together and later started to make comics. And now their cult favorite graphic novel series is making its English language debut from Lerner Books. 

A House Divided: The Accursed Inheritance of Henrieta Achilles is a magical and dynamic romp that takes its cues from the role-playing games the creators played as kids. When 15-year old Henrietta Achilles is plucked from the orphanage and taken to a mysterious town called Malrenard, she’s surprised to learn that the death of an uncle she’s never met means she’s inherited his home. But Henrietta quickly learns that this inheritance is more of a burden than a gift. The house holds a powerful, magical secret—and now it’s plagued by bandits and strange creatures intent on possessing the house and its treasures. Henrietta is quickly swept up in their antics as she is thrown headlong into an ominous but kooky adventure full of stolen quiche, talking statues, and roving pirate gangs.

Hörnig and Pawlitza make fantastic collaborators, and their lifelong friendship and love for role-playing games imbues A House Divided with a sense of infectious fun that makes the book a delightful and entertaining read. An epic war? Check. A determined heroine? Yes! A missing treasure? An enchanted castle? Recipes in the back of each volume? Yes, yes, and yes. Get ready to discover the magical world of A House Divided.

A House Divided: The Accursed Inheritance of Henrieta Achilles will be available from Lerner Publishing Group where books are sold on April 7, 2020.

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