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Exclusive: Get Immersed with the Graphic Novel Nicnevin & The Bloody Queen Soundtrack

This week sees the release of Nicnevin & The Bloody Queen, the debut graphic novel writer Helen Mullane, acclaimed artists Dom Reardon and Matthew Dow Smith, and celebrated colorist Lee Loughridge. It’s a haunting and unsettling coming-of-age horror story for our times and Helen Mullane has created a Spotify playlist of what the main character–NicNiven AKA Nissy, is listening to throughout the story.

In the story, London teen “Nissy” Oswald is stuck in the countryside for the entire summer with only her mother and little brother for company, but things start to look up when she meets Reggie, an attractive and mysterious older man to whom she feels inexorably drawn. As Nissy divides her time between feuding with her mother and lusting for Reggie, the small town is rocked by a grisly murder and everything changes.

Helen writes:

This is a playlist of what Nissy is listening to throughout the story.At first she’s very pissed off that she has to go to Northumberland, listening to a lot of quite aggressive, angry sounds. Later the is intrigued by and then falls for reggie so it gets more romantic and self affirming as she needs to big herself up. Then her heart is broken and finally she comes through a period of trauma and realisation.

Published by Humanoids the book features a stunning cover by Jock and is out now.

Check out the soundtrack and some of the art from the graphic novel below.

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