Review: Plunge #1

Plunge #1

While I’m not a horror fan, there’s a certain type I do enjoy. Those tense stories whose focus is more on the build-up than cheap scares are more in my wheelhouse. Plunge #1 delivers that and more in a fist issue that’s full of tension and character.

Written by Joe Hill, Plunge #1 isn’t anything particularly new. Instead, it does things we’ve seen before really well. A nautical experience, Plunge tells the story of a ship that begins to emit a distress signal nearly 40 years after it wrecked. What happened? Why the sudden signal? That’s all a part of the mystery. We know things are going to go smoothly in the salvage, we just don’t know how it’ll go sideways. And that’s part of the enjoyment.

Beyond the tension, Hill focuses on the characters. Each has a lot of personality and by issue’s end, you’ve got a good sense as to who everyone is. There’s also some solid laughs that break up what easily could have been a serious and dour first issue. The comic almost goes out of its way for laughs and that focus is a smart one. It makes the horror of it all a bit more ominous. You get the sense there’s something looming, even when you’re guard is down laughing about rubber dicks.

Stuart Immonen‘s art is fantastic. Along with Dave Stewart‘s colors and Deron Bennett‘s lettering, the visuals build on that subtle dread Hill goes fore. With lots of blues and browns, there’s a dirty but organic feel to the art that, much like the characters has personality. That’s the aspect that really stands out. Immonen’s style plays well to the character interactions with highly expressive looks and delivery of dialogue. There’s an almost play like aspect to it all. Bennett’s lettering too becomes key as the story progresses and we get to the final reveal. It delivers a style that emphasizes the shock of it all.

Plunge #1 is a fantastic debut. It’s a must for horror fans and especially for those who like films like the Abyss, Jaws, and Leviathan. We’re just in the setup phase but the mix of characters and missions creates a start that’s beyond engaging and a hell of a beginning.

Story: Joe Hill Art: Stuart Immonen
Color: Dave Stewart Letterer: Deron Bennett
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review