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Review: Day of Judgement #3

Day of Judgement #3

I have always heard the metaphor “There’s only one way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” This sentiment shows no matter how big the problem, you must deal with a problem step by step regardless. Some people panic when they see a problem coming at them. Then there are those who settle in focus and attack the problem head on.

The events of Avengers: Infinity War showed that despite your best efforts, sometimes failure is inevitable. It’s not this consequence that should consume those involved, but how does one move through it and past it. Those protagonists fought Thanos on multiple fronts, ensuring his eventual defeat. In the third issue of Day Of Judgment, our heroes are still fighting on three fronts, despite the gloom in front of them

We find some the Spectre evil spirit creating Hell On earth, an act which is met by Batman and The Sentinels of Magic, as they battle his forces in Hell. While Captain Marvel fights the Undead in out space. We also find Wonder Woman leading a contingent of the Justice League in Purgatory, as they search for the Spear Of Destiny. By the issue’s end, we start to find out what Etrigan’s motive for aiding Spectre and one of our heroes fall in the most devastating way possible.

Overall, an issue that shows how high the stakes are for our heroes. The story by Geoff Johns is perceptive and action-packed. The art by the creative team is outstanding. Altogether, an installment which shows glimpses of Johns’  then burgeoning masterful storytelling abilities.

Story: Geoff Johns
Art: Comicraft, Mathew Dow Smith, James Sinclair,
and Steve Mitchell
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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