Birds of Prey Stumbles But Still Takes First

Birds of Prey

Despite positive reviews, Birds of Prey fell short at the weekend box office with an estimated $33.3 million. This was far below the studio’s expected $45 million.

This is despite good reviews, even from critics. The film received an 81% on RottenTomatoes and a 60 on Metacritic. Opening day audiences gave it a “B+” CinemaScore and audiences have given it an 83% score on RottenTomatoes.

The film’s audience was 51% female and 65% of the audience was age 25 or older. Theories blame the R-rating for the struggles but that’s easily blown out of the water by the earnings of Deadpool, Logan, and last year’s Joker.

Internationally, the film opened in 78 markets earning $48 million. Japan will be the final market and opens on March 20.

In second place was Bad Boys for Life which earned an estimated $12 million in its fourth week bringing its total to $166.3 million domestically. Internationally, the film added $15.8 million to bring that total to $170 million and $336.3 million worldwide.

1917 continues to get award buzz as the film saw little drop earning an estimated $9 million to come in third. The film has brought in $132.5 million domestically. Internationally, it earned $15 million to bring that total to near $154.8 million. It launches in Japan, its final market, next weekend.

Dolittle is fighting for every dollar coming in fourth with an estimated $6.7 million. That brings its domestic total to just shy of $64 million. The film opened in the UK and France over the weekend helping to bring the international total for the weekend to $19 million. Internationally it has earned $94.7 million. It has yet to release in Brazil, Russia, Japan, and China.

Rounding out the top five was Jumanji: The Next Level which earned an estimated $5.5 million. Domestically, it has earned $298.5 million. Internationally, it added $3.3 million to its total from 58 markets to bring that amount to $470 million for a worldwide total over $768 million.

We’ll be back in an hour to take a deeper look at 2019 and 2020’s comic film adaptations.