Review: Green Lantern Mosaic #17

Green Lantern Mosaic #17

What happens when it seems as though everything you built, has gone to waste? Have you ever been in a situation where you felt it was a wasted effort? Some people may feel this in romantic relationships, where one person is more serious about the relationship than the other. Others may feel this in their professional career as if their lives stalled if they don’t get to a certain milestone by a certain age.

This is where one finds that purpose or that reason for going forward. This tests your resolve and why you are where you are. All we have is our fortitude and our reason for living. In the 17th issue of Green Lantern Mosaic, Jon’s perfect picture of the Mosaic is crumbling, and he’s doing everything to keep it intact despite the efforts of the aliens and the Green Lantern Corps.

We find Jon reunited with Katma Tui, a brief bright moment as the rest of the Green Lantern Corps looks to dismantle what Jon has built within the Mosaic. Soon each of the Justice Leaguers that came with the Green Lantern Corps finds out just how complex a world Jon created and how arduous it is to manage. Hal’s frustration leads to a boiling point, leading him to seek the direction of the Guardians. By the issue’s end,  one of the races in the Mosaic looks to carry out a genocide that will see every race decimated.

Overall, an issue that puts the complete story in perspective. The story by Gerard Jones is impactful and vast. The art by the creative team is astonishing. Altogether, an issue that shows the reader just how complex a world builder Johns was already, all those years ago.

Story: Gerard Jones
Art: Albert De Guzman, Luke McDonnell, Steve Mattson,
and Robert Campanella
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy