Review: Venom: The End

Venom: The End

Venom: The End starts off in the very distant future where people are looking back on Venom’s life. If you’re new to comics, the Spidey-verse, or Venom, this is a way to introduce yourself.

Writer Adam Warren serves up a perfect primer to bring readers into the Venom fold. He lays out everything from what a symbiote is to everyone who has ever been merged with the beloved Venom. Venom: The End gives us an easy to digest history lesson. There’s more than enough for long-time fans, like me, and people who dabble in the comic arts to appreciate.

Jeffery “Chamba” Cruz provides some very sleek artwork. It looks like a stylized version of the old school originals making Venom: The End a beautiful issue for your collection. Guru-eFX ‘s color choices are as dark as the story being told and add a clinical view of the world. He uses pops of color around the archivist characters that serve as narrators in what is essentially a break down of the beautiful and compelling story of Venom.

If you’re the type of person whose friends look at you like a mad scientist when you’re trying to explain to them everything that’s a bit off about the Tom Hardy Venom movie, or who gets into spirited debates about every person that Venom has come in contact with, then this issue is for you. If you’re the type of person who has one of those overly enthusiastic persons in your life, who has very real feelings about imaginary characters, then this will go a long way in deciphering the ramblings of your Marvel obsessed friends. It’ll at least give you enough footing to stand your ground.

While this issue isn’t a full history of Venom’s lives, loves, and hosts, it’s a good starting point. It may get you on board with every awesome storyline that Venom has had, and some of the bad ones. That makes it a first-rate introduction and a must-have in your collection. It’s also a fitting tribute to one of the most liked symbiotes in the galaxy. Venom: The End gives us diehards a lovely goodbye if this is really the end. While we didn’t get what would be considered a traditional comic, or one-off, Warren delivers one hell of a story. It’s definitely worth a trip to your local comic book store to grab a copy.

Story: Adam Warren Art: Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz and Guru-eFX
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review