Review: Doctor Doom #3

Doctor Doom #3

Three issues and three amazing reads. Doctor Doom #3 three-peats with an issue full of tragedy, some action, and political intrigue. Doom has been assassinated and sent to Hell in what’s clearly a play to “nation-build” Latveria.

Writer Christopher Cantwell has mixed socio-political machinations with superheroics and the result is amazing. In Hell, Doom must escape and to do that, a deal with Mephisto must be made.

Cantwell does an impressive job of tying in Doom’s sins of the past with his visions of the future. It’s an interesting juxtaposition that has a poetry about it. We’re still not quite sure what Doom is seeing but it’s driving him not to just survive but to do better. We’re presented with someone we can cheer for in an odd way. A tyrant who wants to do good. A toxic individual who wants to grow and change.

Cantwell also delivers us intrigue as it’s clear whomever is behind Doom’s framing and assassination is also likely behind the threats Latveria are seeing in his absence. The name check of the UN and NATO adds a real-world tint to the situation. It’s a political thriller masked in armor.

The art by Salvador Larroca is fantastic. With color by Guru-eFX and lettering by Cory Petit, the look of the comic is fantastic and the flow from Hell to the real world and Latveria all works. Nothing seems out of place and the shift from the dreamlike Hell to the real world is an interesting one. There’s a visual flair that adds to the story and its transition of scenes.

Doctor Doom #3 is a fantastic issue delivering a nice mix of tragedy and action. There’s so much packed in, this is a prime example of what comics can be. It also keeps you on your toes as to what might happen next delivering a healthy mix of mystery and reveals. This issue continues what might be the best series of the year.

Story: Christopher Cantwell Art: Salvador Larroca
Color: Guru-eFX Letterer: Cory Petit
Story: 8.75 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review