Review: Day of Judgement #1

Day of Judgement #1

When it comes to enigmatic characters, by far, DC has the competition beat. Never has a stable of characters been so storied. When it comes to the darkness of human nature, that DC’s characters show that part well. Take for instance, the recently released Joker, which gives viewers a more realistic vision of how such a person gets pushed to the brink. Readers have seen the character’s more twisted ploys including the much-celebrated, and controversial, Killing Joke.

It was within this movie; we got a much more realized and off-putting narrative to this legendary antagonist. The story, itself spoke to the societal ills of today but also how a revolution on certain levels can give rise. One of my other favorite characters is the Spectre, whose own story is both macabre and part detective noir. In one of Geoff Johns’ best outings, Day Of Judgment, we find this hero in the crosshairs of a major force rising through the DCU.

We’re taken to Hell, where an angel is being tortured for a plot to take over Heaven, which prompts Etrigan to offer Spectre’s physical embodiment since Corrigan recently vacated it. As he uses the demon, Asmodel, to rein in the power of Spectre and raise all the demons in Hell to carry out carnage on Earth. This catches the attention of certain superheroes, first, Zatanna, then Enchantress, and a few key figures in the JLA including Batman and Wonder Woman. As The JLA faces Spectre and Etrigan, we find an unfair fight, leaving each member defeated especially the might trio of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. By the issue’s end, when all hope looks lost, this is exactly when Zatanna ad the rest of the heroes known as The Sentinels of Magic spring into action.

Overall, a stunning debut issue into what was the world’s introduction to Justice League Dark, which is more than a fitting introduction. The story by Johns is layered, complex and intellectual. The art by the creative team is spectacular. Altogether, an outstanding origin story to one of the best teams in the DC Universe.

Story: Geoff Johns
Art: Steve Mitchell, Comicraft, James Sinclair,
and Matthew Dow Smith
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy