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Every Issue of Bloodshot from February 1993 to December 2019 is Collected

Bloodshot Digital Comic Book Collection

Valiant Entertainment presents the Valiant Bloodshot Digital Comic Book Collection by GIT Corp., the newest addition to GIT Corp.’s hit line of Valiant digital collections.

Before you see the Bloodshot movie on February 21, 2020, experience 159 of Valiant’s iconic Bloodshot comic books in a digital collection! Featuring every issue of every Bloodshot title published from Feb. 1993 – Dec. 2019, this digital volume lets every comic fan discover exciting new moments and revisit their favorite storylines – and all for only $20!

The Valiant Bloodshot Digital Comic Book Collection releases on January 6, 2020, but pre-orders are being taken now on the GIT Corp. website.

The Bloodshot Digital Comic Book Collection includes the following comic book series:

  • Bloodshot 1993 (54 issues)
  • Bloodshot 1997 (16 issues)
  • Bloodshot 2012 (basis for the upcoming motion picture – 27 issues)
  • Bloodshot 2019 (3 issues)
  • Bloodshot Reborn (21 issues)
  • Bloodshot U.S.A. (4 issues)
  • Bloodshot Salvation (12 issues)
  • Bloodshot Rising Spirit (8 issues)
  • Harbinger Wars (4 issues)
  • Harbinger Wars II (6 issues)
  • The Valiant (4 issues)
  • 10 additional issues featuring top Valiant Universe characters
  • Valiant Universe 2019 handbook

A total of 159 digital comics, plus 10 bonus issues for a total retail value of $550.00.

Bloodshot Digital Comic Book Collection