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Joker Cracks the Top 20


Joker dethroned Maleficent: Mistress of Evil to take the weekend box office. The film dipped just 35% from the previous weekend after four weeks. The film earned an estimated $18.9 million. Domestically, the movie has earned $277.6 million. Internationally, the film added $47.8 million to bring that total to $571.5 million. Worldwide, its total sits at $849.1 million and that’s without China. The film will likely pass the $900 million mark and there’s a chance it’ll cross the $1 billion mark as well, though that’s more difficult without China.

The film is now ranked #19 in worldwide grosses for a film based on a comic property. It needs just $4 million to pass Thor: Ragnarok and $7 million to pass last year’s Venom.

Joker is also the third highest-grossing DC Universe film of the modern era (post-Man of Steel) worldwide and will likely pass Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to become second when it’s done. The movie’s success really comes from the international box-office where it has succeeded while most DC films stumble, Aquaman being the exception. It’s the second highest-grossing film at the international box office for a DC film. It’s the sixth highest-grossing film domestically, but will likely move into fifth by the time its domestic run is over.

Over the past week, Spider-Man: Far From Home earned an estimated $37,000 domestically and $220,000 internationally. The movie’s domestic total now stands at $390.5 million domestically and $741.3 million internationally. Worldwide, the film has earned $1.132 billion.

Here’s where 2019’s comic films stand as far as the actual numbers.

Total Domestic Gross: $2.310 billion
Total International Gross: $4.793 billion
Worldwide Gross: $7.103 billion
Total Reported Budgets: $1.289 billion
Total “Profit”: $5.815 billion

Average Domestic Gross: $231 million
Average International Gross: $479.3 million
Average: Worldwide Gross: $710.3 million
Average Budget: $128.9 million
Average Profit: $581.5 million

Below is where the films released stand when it comes to being compared to this year’s averages. The bold numbers are above average while those below average are not.

FilmStudioDomestic Gross
Avengers: EndgameBV$858,373,000
Captain MarvelBV$426,829,839
Spider-Man: Far From HomeSony$390,532,085
Joker WB $277,583,522
Alita: Battle AngelFox$85,710,210
Dark PhoenixFox$65,845,974
Dragon Ball Super: BrolyFUNamation Films$30,712,119
The KitchenWB$12,180,032
FilmStudioInternational Gross
Avengers: EndgameBV$1,939,427,564
Spider-Man: Far From HomeSony$741,256,837
Captain MarvelBV$701,444,955
Joker WB $571,500,000
Alita: Battle AngelFox$319,142,333
Dark PhoenixFox$186,597,000
Dragon Ball Super: BrolyFUNamation Films$83,390,702
The KitchenWB$3,700,000
FilmStudioWorldwide Gross
Avengers: EndgameBV$2,797,800,564
Spider-Man: Far From Home Sony $1,131,788,922
Captain MarvelBV$1,128,274,794
Joker WB$849,083,522
Alita: Battle AngelFox$404,852,543
Dark PhoenixFox$252,442,974
Dragon Ball Super: BrolyFUNamation Films$114,102,821
The KitchenWB$15,880,032
Avengers: EndgameBV$2,441,800,564
Captain MarvelBV$976,274,794
Spider-Man: Far From HomeSony$971,788,922
Alita: Battle AngelFox$234,852,543
Dragon Ball Super: BrolyFUNamation Films$105,602,821
Dark PhoenixFox$52,442,974
The KitchenWB-$21,119,968
Dragon Ball Super: BrolyFUNamation Films13.42
Avengers: EndgameBV7.86
Spider-Man: Far From HomeSony7.07
Captain MarvelBV4.61
Alita: Battle AngelFox2.38
Dark PhoenixFox1.26
The KitchenWB0.43
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