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Instagram Webcomic The Mrs. Frollein Collection: Small Hours Comes to Oni

Throw on your sweats and get comfy on the couch! Branching out from its devoted Instagram following, the Mrs. Frollein webcomic creator Valérie Minelli and Oni Press are pleased to announce that the internationally adored comic is coming to print for the first time in February 2020 as The Mrs Frollein Collection: Small Hours.

The tremendously popular Mrs. Frollein comics have been stirring emotion in people all over the world with heartfelt and earnest strips making fun of the mundane. These perfectly poignant webcomics find inspiration in the everyday, encompassing rainy coffee mornings, playful relationship adventures, and quiet introspective moments— the small, unexpected minutes that quilt life together.

In addition to many of the most recent fan-favorite Mrs. Frollein strips, Small Hours also includes thirty all-new, never before released comics as well as a foreword from fellow web-comic luminaries, Jonathan Kunz and Elizabeth Pich of ‘War and Peas’. Mrs. Frollein began in 2016 on Instagram and continues to be updated regularly three years later with 417k followers. The Mrs. Frollein Collection: Small Hours will be available online and in stores on February 18, 2020.

The Mrs. Frollein Collection: Small Hours