Shannon Wheeler Launches The Whistleblower Papers on Kickstarter

Cartoonist Shannon Wheeler has launched a Kickstarter to bring the Whistleblower Report and Ukranian Call transcript to comics.

The creator behind Too Much Coffee Man, and the bestselling book Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump is currently working on a graphic novel adaptation of the Mueller Report.

But, with the news moving so quickly, he decided to adapt the recent political rattling revelation and news.

Reward levels range from $7 for a digital version to $100 for a “super special edition” and original cartoon. The regular edition includes a print and digital copy is just $10 dollars. There’s a signed and numbered reward level at $20 as well. Print reward levels are limited to just 220 copies total.

The project is a little under halfway to its goal of $2500 and runs until November 15, 2019.