Review: Metal Men #1

Metal Men #1

I know very little, next to nothing about Metal Men. So, going into Metal Men #1 I was interested in learning more about these classic characters.

Storytellers Dan DiDio and Shane Davis deliver a spin on the classic Pinocchio with an egotistical spin.

The issue revolves around Will Magnus as he reflects on the Metal Men, his time creating them, and the reaction to them. It’s an interesting start with a horror vibe about it when the rabbit hole is reached.

But, where Metal Men #1 falls short is the lack of characters that you want to cheer for. The Metal Men themselves aren’t given a lot of time to show off their personalities. Instead, the focus is really Magnus and how he developed and treated them. And Magnus does not come off well at all. It’s actually quite negative and it’s hard to like him.

What little we get of the Metal Men themselves is fine and they seem to be an interesting group, there’s just not enough of them.

There’s also a nice tie-in to the Dark Night event and the Dark Multiverse with the focus on Nth metal. Out of everything, that’s the most interesting aspect and having enjoyed this meta story, it’s great to see it pushed along instead of dropped.

The art by Shane Davis is solid with ink by Michelle Delecki, color by Jason Wright, and lettering by Travis Lanham. For as mixed as I am on the story itself, the art is beautiful to look at. That design also helps emphasize the horror aspects at times as well. There’s a solid juxtaposition. The Metal Men look fantastic and the comic has a solid amount of detail. The art is the highlight.

The first issue is an interesting one. There’s a lot that’s intriguing and I want to learn more but at the same time there’s little I care about as far as characters. The horror version of Pinocchio is what has me intrigued to continue. The first issue doesn’t quite have me getting what makes Metal Men so popular and beloved but it’s interesting enough for me to continue.

Story: Dan DiDio, Shane Davis Art: Shane Davis
Ink: Michelle Delecki Color: Jason Wright Letters: Travis Lanham
Story: 7.0 Art: 8.75 Overall: 7.75 Recommendation: Buy