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Spencer & Locke is Getting a Third Volume

Writer David Pepose has announced that his popular comic series Spencer & Locke is getting a third volume. Joining Pepose are returning creators Jorge Santiago, Jr. on art, Jasen Smith on colors, and Colin Bell is lettering. The below teaser image is by Joe Mulvey with Smith’s colors.

“His partner was imaginary… but the reckoning is all real.”

No release date has been announced but the series is “coming soon.”

The series is best described as Calvin and Hobbes meets Sin City as it follows a detective and his (not so) imaginary stuffed cat partner. With tons of homages and references, the previous two volumes are deep for fans of comic history and comic strips. We’re expecting more of the same for the third volume!

You can purchase the first and the second volumes physically and digitally now.

Spencer & Locke III