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Preview: Snowpiercer: Extinction

Snowpiercer: Extinction

Author(s): Matz
Artist(s): Jean-Marc Rochette
Retail Price: $19.99 (US), $25.99 (CA), £16.99 (UK)
Ship Date/Month: September 24, 2019

The prequel story to the New York Times bestselling Snowpiercer graphic novel series that inspired both movie and TV adaptations. Perfect for fans of post-apocalyptic sci-fi! The Snowpiercer saga continues with this brand new story by original artist Jean-Marc Rochette and Eisner nominated writer, Matz. Set before the extinction event that caused the new ice age in which the Snowpiercer travels perpetually around the globe, witness the terrifying events that led to the need for and creation of the eponymous train.

Snowpiercer: Extinction
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