Review: Flash Forward #1

Flash Forward #1

Wally West is in jail awaiting trial and wallowing in his misery. That’s where Flash Forward #1 begins before taking us on a cosmic journey.

The first issue sets up the next step in Wally West’s journey in an interesting way, though, the concept falls short for me.

Written by Scott Lobdell the comic focuses a lot on what’s gotten West to this point in his life. A lot of it is wallowing and there’s one too many times of his stating he killed a bunch of heroes. Any sympathy is gone and it’s turned to annoyance by issue’s end.

Then there’s the next step for Wally. He has to save the multiverse by stopping the dark multiverse. There’s some solid use of this recent concept and in theory the concept is intriguing but something feels off. The new role reminds me of failed reinventions of characters in the past. It’s hard to judge it all on one issue but something again feels off about it all. This isn’t the right way to go about Wally’s redemption. But, it also seems to tie into the meta story going on in the DC Universe going back to Rebirth.

The art by Brett Booth is nice. With ink by Norm Rapmund, color by Luis Guerrero, and letters by Troy Peteri, the comic has lots of moments that’ll keep you lingering on the page. The scenes involving the multiverse have you looking for details and clues. The fights in prison have a nice swift action about them. The imagery works on the macro and micro level.

Flash Forward #1 is an interesting start to this miniseries. It feels like it’s a story you need the whole picture before truly judging. Unfortunately, we have to do that one issue at a time. With that, this feels like one that’s worth a read but maybe hold out for the trade.

Story: Scott Lobdell Art: Brett Booth
Ink: Norm Rapmund Color: Luis Guerrero Letters: Troy Peteri
Story: 7.0 Art: 8.15 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review