Robert E. Howard’s Dark Agnes, Solomon Kane, and more Come to Marvel

Earlier this year, Conan the Barbarian returned to Marvel spawning numerous series, spin-offs, and even Conan’s return to the 616 Universe.

Marvel has announced that more characters from the mind of Conan creator Robert E. Howard will be making their way to the Marvel Comics! True Believers should keep an eye out for the likes of Dark Agnes, Solomon Kane, and a few more surprises in upcoming Marvel books.

Solomon Kane had previously been published by Marvel debuting in comics in Monsters Unleashed #1 in 1973 and even had his own six-issue series in 1985 and 1986. In 2006 Dark Horse began publishing some comics featuring the character which featured three arcs that began in 2008 and rand in to 2011.

Details on where you can follow the adventures of these exciting new additions to the Marvel Universe will be revealed at a later date!