Review: Pandemica #1

Pandemica #1

Diseases are breaking out all around the world in Pandemica #1. What’s strange is, the diseases seem to be racist and geared towards specific ethnic groups. Writer Jonathan Maberry uses the concept of designer disease to create a story of conspiracy and action.

The comic brings the band together. As the story unfolds we’re introduced to the individuals who will help unravel this mystery as well as provided hints as to who’s behind it. In that way, things are pretty standard. But, it’s the concept that’s truly interesting.

The concept of modifying a disease to infect one particular group isn’t the thing of science fiction and knowing that makes the comic all the more frightening. It’s a concept that hasn’t been used much in stories and something that deserves more attention.

Maberry peppers this science fiction with enough hints as to the real world to make the first issue all too real at times. Breakouts in immigration detention centers, actual conflicts, and a villain that probably falls in the white supremacist category add to the “realness” of it all.

The art by Alex Sanchez is good. There are interesting design and characters and what especially stands out is a break from a “standard” comic character design. Character’s faces and noses are at times rough and misshapen a little. They’re varied and with some being a more standard comic “beautiful” style one has to think this is deliberate. The color by Jay Fotos is drab adding to the melancholy feel of the comic. This isn’t so much an action comic as horror with a political spin. The art and color choice emphasize that.

The concept of the series is what stands out. Pandemica #1 is a standard gathering of the team. At times the storytelling is a bit choppy too. But, between the concept and the characters, there’s more than enough to return and check out more.

Story: Jonathan Maberry Art: Alex Sanchez
Color: Jay Fotos Letters: Shawn Lee
Story: 7.5 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation:

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