Get a Look at Gaby Dunn and Claire Roe’s Bury the Lede

BOOM! Studios has revealed a new look at Bury the Lede, a new original graphic novel from New York Times bestselling author Gaby Dunn and artist Claire Roe, with colors by Miquel Muerto, which arrives in stores October 2, 2019. 

Inspired by Dunn’s own experiences as a young reporter at The Boston Globe, Bury the Lede is a thrilling story about a young reporter’s search for truth leading her down a dark path as she goes toe-to-toe with a potential killer. 

Cub reporter Madison Jackson is young, scrappy, and hungry to prove that she deserves her coveted college internship at the premier newspaper in town, The Boston Lede, where she dreams of a career-making headline. So when her police scanner mentions a brutal murder tied to a prominent Boston family, Madison races to the crime scene, looking for the scoop of the century. 

What she finds instead is the woman who’ll change her life forever: Dahlia Kennedy, a celebrity socialite covered in blood and the prime suspect in the murder of her husband and child. When Madison is the only person Dahlia will speak to, everything rides on the untested shoulders of this young journalist who sinks ever deeper into the dark, twisted landscape of the city’s hidden circles of crime, corruption, and privilege in order to discover the truth.

Bury the Lede