Review: Reaver #1

Reaver #1

A fantasy Dirty Dozen is the best way to describe Reaver #1. Created by Justin Jordan and Rebekah Isaacs the first issue hits familiar beats but does so with a sense of style that makes it stand out.

Set in the fantasy world of Madaras, war has raged on after what was once a promising new land. The war isn’t going well for the Imperials who find out their enemy are using magic to anticipate their every move. To destroy this tool, a group of six prisoners is assembled for the deadly mission.

Jordan and Isaacs set up the first issue nicely giving the reader just enough information to enjoy the world and not getting bogged down in details. There could have easily been a slide in to too much fantasy detail. Instead, the world is more of a setting than anything else. The story is familiar too, which allows the reader to focus on just how the setting, and these characters, will make it stand out.

And it stands out pretty well. Reaver #1 is a fun start where each quirky character, and how they interact with each other, is the true draw. Each feels like a character class we might find in a roleplaying game. But, much like those games, the off the rails adventure they go on is the entertaining draw. How badly can things go wrong? How can they make it so? That’s the entertaining part of the first issue.

Isaacs’ art, along with color from Alex Guimaraes and lettering by Clayton Cowles, is solid. The design of each character tells the story of their history. There’s no need for lots of origins that distract. Instead, we get small detail of an outfit or body language to get a deeper idea of who these characters are.

The first issue is entertaining that’s reminiscent of the start of a roleplaying campaign. It goes in familiar directions but does so with a fun style about it that it’s clear it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Reaver #1 might not be a new concept overall but it delivers a fun debut that allows us to explore a new world while sitting back and enjoying the chaos.

Story: Justin Jordan Art: Rebekah Isaacs
Color: Alex Guimaraes Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Story: 7.5 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation:

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review