Defy Authoritarianism this September in Pandemica


Jonathan Maberry – tells a dark, action-packed story of defiance against authoritarian abuses. Pandemica is a new comic book epic coming this Fall from IDW Publishing. Maberry is the New York Times Bestselling author of V-Wars and Rot & Ruin. –

The first issue of Pandemica depicts an America on the verge of war. A shadow government prepares to launch “purity bombs” for ethnic cleansing. A small group of scientists and former SpecOps shooters bands together to avert this disaster. Maberry joins artist Alex Sanchez and colorist Jay Fotos in inviting readers to resist the sickness that plagues the nation — and ultimately save the world!

The story reflects the fears about the direction in which the United States, and the world, is going. The story features a diverse cast who discovers that a secret organization is selling designer pathogens for use in ethnic cleansing.

In the announcement, Maberry said he’s working with scientists, including epidemiologists and molecular biologists, to make the bioweapons in the series as realistic as possible. Much of what’s presented is possible and groups and governments have actively worked to make these kinds of weapons.

Pandemica #1 is out this September.