It’s the Cobra World Order in a New G.I. Joe Series

IDW Publishing has announced a new G.I. Joe series written by Paul Allor with art by Chris Evenhuis.

They seek to shake up the Cobra World Order being inspired by inspired by fugitives including Conrad S. Hauser (Code Name: DUKE) and Shana M. O’Hara (Code Name: SCARLETT).

The new series is based on modern warfare where non-state actors have overpowered militaries to a standstill as well as World War II and Great Britain’s recruitment of civilians behind enemy lines.

The new series is made for long time fans of G.I. Joe as well as new readers interested in character-driven stories.

Out this September, the series features variant covers by Evenhuis, Dustin Weaver, and Eleanora Carlini.

G.I. Joe