Battle Chasers Returns… Sort Of

Battle Chasers Anthology cover

The Battle Chasers: Nightwar Kickstarter went out with an update to backers concerning the new Battle Chasers comics that were part of that fundraising effort.

Created by Joe Madureira, the series launched in April 1998 and saw the last issue published in September 2001. It ran just nine issues, and one prelude issue, and suffered extreme scheduling issues and delays which made publisher Image Comics infamous in the 90s. There was an average of about six months between issues.

Madureira penned the update of the status of the new comics and said that responsibility with his video game studio has once again delayed the series. He has come to the realization he needs a team to help him on the series to complete it, so while the comics will be written by him, with as many pages as he can manage, it won’t only be by him alone. No team has been announced yet.

Starting at the $90 tier, the Kickstarter pledge included all-new comics, issues #10, #11, and #12 as well as the video game Battle Chasers: Nightwar, a soundtrack, and more.

The response online has been negative as some backed the project for the comics to be done by Madureira himself and only by him. Others see this as just a continuation of the original series’ delays.

The new issues are to pick up where the originals left off focusing on Garrison and his past relationship with Red Monika.

If you’ve never read Battle Chasers or want a new copy, the anthology is getting a reprint in an affordable softcover format. It’ll collect all nine issues as well as short stories, pinups and covers. It’ll be out in September. A giant-sized hardcover was released years ago and is not only hard to find but if you do, can be rather pricey. The hardcover anthology can easily run into triple digits.