Review: The Flash #71

The Flash #71

The Flash #71 continues the so far fantastic “Year One” story arc that began in the last issue. I’ll admit, when I first head that The Flash was doing a “Year One” story, I was a bit skeptical. While DC has a good record of them, is it something we really need? With two issues in, the answer is yes when the story is this good.

Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter have crafted a hell of a story no matter when it’s set in Barry’s life. What stands out is Williamson’s focus on the scientific side of Barry.

The Flash #71 takes us through the trope of the hero continuing to discover the use of his powers. But, it’s how Barry does it that stands out. In this issue, and the previous, he uses his scientific mind to go through and figure things out. There’s a smarts about it. But, this issue really stands out as it’s not just a “Year One” but also some time in the future.

A large portion of the issue is Barry dealing with his future self and a time when The Turtle isn’t as much of a joke. It’s a different take on this type of story and one that’s very welcome.

Williamson also makes sure to focus on Barry’s early life and how that impacted him. While not as much of that is here, there’s still much about his personality that is in the issue, including a shyness and lack of confidence that makes him stand out.

The art by Porter with color by Hi-Fi is as fantastic as expected. There’s such an energy about it all and the designs are amazing. The Turtle and Barry’s early costume just pop in both look and color. The Flash is all about speed and there’s an energy about the art that feels so appropriate for the character.

I was skeptical, I’ll admit it. Two issues, and that skepticism is gone. The Flash has been a consistently entertaining comic and this new story arc is exactly that. Joshua Williamson’s run on The Flash has been amazing so far and this latest arc is an example of what he’s been bringing to the character.

Story: Joshua Williamson Art: Howard Porter Color: Hi-Fi
Story: 8.75 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

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