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Big Easy Con Switches Dates to November Leaving Vendors and Attendees Holding the Bill

Big Easy Con

It looks like those who were planning on attending the Big Easy Con aren’t having that much of an easy time. The first time convention being put on by LeftField Media has stumbled out of the gate already switching dates.

The convention was to take place June 1 and 2 and the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans but nine days after we received our initial press announcement about the show, the convention has moved to November leaving exhibitors and attendees with a lot of questions.

Angry individuals took to the convention’s Facebook announcement voicing their displeasure and asking some pretty important questions.

Creators who attended Awesome Con, also a Leftfield show, were offered free shipping from that convention to Big Easy Con. With the convention now taking place over three days November 1-3, those creators are left trying to figure out how to get their product and other supplies back as some have shows between the original June dates and November. There’s also those who have had product shipped directly from the printer to the show as well who are left with questions and scrambling what to do.

Attendees as well are left holding the bill, along with some creators, as flights and hotels have been book with the show less than a month away. Some of that is non-refundable.

When questioned over what vendors can do, the convention responded:

…all vendors received an email today with their options listed. Getting a full refund on their booth is definitely one of those options. Hotel rooms in the Big Easy Con room block are also 100% refundable.

Vendors flights though are still a question and while some may be able to get credit for use later, others have non-refundable tickets, or will be forced to spend more changing flight plans.

In the announcement of the date change, the reason given was that the convention want to create a more “enjoyable and valuable experience” for the community and have expanded the convention to three days and more space within the convention center. They’ve also said fans weren’t “enthusiastic about the June dates.” Fans asked on Facebook about that with no response.

Big Easy Con has said they are upgrading two day tickets to three day, single day ticket holders can upgrade, and those who want a refund for their tickets can request one.

It’s unknown which guests will return in November though the convention announced Zachary Levi’s attendance around the same time as the date change.

For a first year convention, many are pointing out this isn’t a good first impression and obviously not a good look for a veteran company like Leftfield who also runs Anime NYC, Rose City Comic Con, and Awesome Con.

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