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IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog Grabs Gold Rings with Multiple Sell-Outs

IDW Publishing is humbled to announce that three of its most recent Sonic The Hedgehog comic books – issues #14 and #15 from the ongoing monthly series, as well as Sonic The Hedgehog Annual 2019 – have completely sold out at the distributor level.

The heat on IDW’s Sonic The Hedgehog has been building as the comic book marches confidently into its second “season” with creators Ian Flynn, Tracy Yardley, and Jack Lawrence’s Metal Virus story arc, so fans are encouraged to rush to their local comic shops to pick up these very desirable – and hot-selling – stories!

The very special Sonic The Hedgehog Annual – featuring a cover by revolutionary Sonic Team artist Yuji Uekawa and a host of creators (including Ian FlynnJames KochalkaCavan ScottEvan Stanley, Gigi Dutreix, and more) – is sure to become a jewel in any fan’s collection.

Hardcore fans can enjoy the continuing Sonic adventures monthly in the ongoing series, as well as in collected volumes (Vol. 1: Fallout and Vol. 2: The Fate of Dr. Eggman, as well as the upcoming Vol. 3: Battle for Angel Island and Vol. 4: Infection). Also, IDW’s highly-anticipated Tangle & Whisper spin-off series promises more action and adventure for the Sonic fanbase over the course of Summer 2019, as the unlikely duo find themselves in hot pursuit of Sonic himself!

Sonic The Hedgehog Annual 2019
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  • Oh, look, IDW ass-kissers return. Let’s see the hard numbers on their sales, instead of this ass-kissing shit. It’s funny you say it’s a sell-out. I just visited a comicbook store yesterday that stopped ordering IDW Sonic because they WEREN’T selling. In fact, they still had several issues from several months back on the shelf.

    Your yellow-journalism approach and not being honest about sales is showing.

    • Hey dipshit:
      1) Your store isn’t all stores
      2) Learn to fucking read!!!
      “have completely sold out at the distributor level.”
      Does it say the store level? No, it says distributor level.
      3) Learn how the fucking comic industry works before commenting. Reprints happen when THERE’S A DEMAND FROM STORES!!! When it gets to a level, the publisher is informed and then a reprint happens.
      4) Learn what things like “yellow-journalism” is before you use big words to make it seem like you know what you’re talking about before you comment. Also see above, you don’t.