Review: Dragonsblood #1

Dragonsblood #1

The films of Mathew McConaughey can definitely be a mixed bag, as not all his films are great. Some of his movies are just plain dumb fun like Failure To Launch. As the movie played into his personality and what makes him charming. Then there are movies like Dallas Buyers Club which was essentially two pronged, as it showed his serious side and talked about a serious underserved issue. Then there those movies which are pretty horrible like The Beach Bum which made no sense and felt like a waste of time.

Then there are those movies that depending on who you talk to, will either gets an enthusiastic thumbs up or have someone say it was no good at all. One of those movies for me was How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, as it was both funny and rewatchable. Another one of those movies that I personally enjoyed was Reign Of Fire, a postapocalyptic movie where we live in a world where humans live in fear of dragons. In the debut issue of Dragonsblood, we meet the last dragon slayer in a mighty family line, as he must rise against his family’s ancient foe.

We meet Sigurd, of the Volsung clan, as he gives the reader a rundown of how his family got decimated. As he searches a dragon’s lair, for Fafnir, the dragon responsible for the deaths of many of his family, he is reminded of those he lost as their corpses scattered through the catacomb. As he begins his battle with Fafnir, t was all but certain he had met his doom, as the weapon he brought was not enough. By issue’s end, he finally defeats the dragon that killed his family, but is fate lies ahead, one that no one including him sees coming.

Overall, a thrilling debut issue that shows how important legacy is and correcting past wrongs can be. The story by Nick Bermel is heartfelt and action packed. The art by the creative team is alluring and vivid. Altogether, a story which shows that there is more to stories about dragon than fire and ice.

Story: Nick Bermel Art: Jason Muhr and Maxflan Araujo
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy