Super-Articulate: Marvel Legends Loki & Corvus Glaive

Rejoice, for I bring you tidings of great gladness from your lord and savior, Thanos! At his best, the Black Order of the films is finally complete! Bow down in subjugation, mortal wretches.

-Ebony Maw

Thank you, Ebony Maw, for that warm introduction. And he’s right; the film version of Thanos’s Black Order gets wrapped up courtesy of this Marvel Legends Walmart Exclusive two-pack. After a rocky initial offering online at Toy Fair time that sold out quickly, followed by a second listing online that caused problems for a number of customers (like this one), the much-anticipated Loki and Corvus Glaive two-pack started making its way into brick-and-mortar Walmart stores in the past few weeks.

Distribution on these is a bit of a crap shoot. The two Walmarts closest to me just outside of Indianapolis have been empty more than once, but there were plenty at one inside the city near the westside. I understand they’ve been fairly plentiful in California and the Chicago area, but again, your mileage may vary. Initial eBay prices were quite crazy, and some of them are still marked way too high, but with a bit of effort or connections with friends, you can probably find one for the regular price of $39.99.

Let’s start with the non-Odinson . . .

Loki: Why the figure is essentially very similar to the Loki from the Thor: Ragnarok assortment, there are a couple of good tweaks. Notably, the left hand is sculpted to be able to hold the included Tesseract; this, of course, mirrors the scene from Avengers: Infinity War wherein Loki is forced to offer the Infinity Stone up to Thanos. This is a solid Loki figurre, and the Hiddleston likeness is strong. I also like the cape (those that prefer their Loki capeless might find that this is a good cape for the Silver Sable/Lilandra head project we’ve mentioned before). I wouldn’t have necessarily gotten this figure on its own, as there are a couple of good Lokis out there and the classic comic version is due soon, but it’s a good figure, and one that will have a good home on my MCU shelves.

Corvus Glaive: This guy is totally why I came to this particular party. The stab-happy child of Thanos and leader of the Black Order is, well, excellent. The team did a terrific job here, going the extra mile on details like the raised pattern impressions on the cape. This face sculpt is absolutely full of personality and menace, too. The build is slight, mimicking the figure’s comic and film counterpart. The hands are shaped appropriately to hold Glaive’s signature weapon as well. Corvus Glaive is a strong figure and well worthy of inclusion into your own person Marvel Legends land.

As promised, I’ve included pictures of the entire Black Order; I opted to use the Armored “Endgame” Thanos. I’m not afraid to say that these five figures are kind of an achievement. Two years ago, I would have laughed at the idea that Hasbro would manage to work this many Order characters into the line already; I was wrong. Again, this is the MCU Black Order; maybe we’ll get the other comic members, Supergiant and Black Swan, down the road, but I won’t hold my breath. Regardless, Hasbro did an incredible job with their renditions of these films. The figures have that weight and mass and look just creepy enough. Hats off to Hasbro for going with this idea and seeing it through.

Overall, I think the two-pack is definitely worth it. Glavie is just great, and I like this version of Loki, too. Hopefully, the success of this two-pack will allow Hasbro to continue taking risks with character choice and be innovative in terms of exclusives.