Review: Green Lantern: Mosaic #1

Green Lantern: Mosaic #1

When it comes to comics, the big two usually makes carbon copies of each other’s characters with slight tweaking. Look at the actual names of Deadpool and Deathstroke, two characters who are universally loved by everyone who follows them. They both have the same occupation but their personalities are where the differences begin to splinter. Eventually, comic fans make their own mind up on which version is superior.

Another such “coincidence” is the Green Lantern Corps and the Nova Corps. Both are galactic space forces ensuring the safety of the universe. I never quite caught on to the allure of the Nova Corps but definitely loved the Green Lantern Corps and the various men and women who wielded the Lantern Ring. One of my favorite Green Lanterns is John Stewart, a daunting hero in his own right and one which I wished had his own book. Fortunately, he did have a series back in 1992, Green Lantern: Mosaic.

We find John Stewart as he introduces the reader to the wonders of the Mosaic world, where everything is and is not what it seems. As John protects this world, he is also very much part of it, as he reveals that his also an alien within these confines. As we find out a bit of history behind the character and the struggles he endured while on Earth. By issue’s end, this new world of his own making is more than he could ever have dreamt of.

Overall, a fascinating almost psychotropic trip that both the reader and the character go on to understand what we have stepped into. The story by Gerard Jones is enigmatic and captivating. The art by the creative team is alluring. Altogether, an excellent story which feels like Star Trek with superheroes.

Story: Gerard Jones
Art: Brian Stelfreeze, Albert De Guzman, Cully Hamner, Dan Panosian, and Steve Mattson
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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