Review: Little Bird #1

Little Bird #1

Little Bird follows a young resistance fighter who battles against an oppressive American Empire and searches for her own identity in a world on fire.

Little Bird #1 is a comic I’ve been looking forward to reading for some time. The concept of a resistance standing against a religious fundamentalist American empire is a story that sounds intriguing to me. While there’s a lot to like in the first issue, there’s also some stumbling as well in its world building.

Written by Darcy Van Poelgeest, the first issue feels like a cross between Saga, We Stand on Guard, and East of West. A Canadian resistance attempts to take on the evil American empire which works as a story, it’s something we’ve seen before. Where the issue stumbles a bit is in the small details of its worldbuilding which at times feels like weird to just be weird. Bathing in blood with what looks like intestines coming out. Weird baldheaded floating intestine creatures. It’s all visually interesting but with so little explanation we’re expected to go with it. What it winds up being is somewhat of a distraction.

Little Bird is a techno-organic religious world that we’re expected to go with. While the visuals are solid, we’re left wondering about those interesting concepts and it doesn’t help matters. A more straightforward visual would have helped. Getting rid of the weird focuses the story a bit. All of these things might be explained but in the first issue it’s all left hanging.

The concepts though are neat and the story pretty easy to get in to if you’re willing to overlook these open questions. The characters are interesting. The conflict has a lot of potential. The juxtaposition of societies is solid. There’s a lot of set up for what’s to come and a good inclusion on what we need to know of the past.

The art by Ian Bertram is absolutely interesting and as I said above, it can be distracting as well. Joined on colors by Matt Hollingsworth and lettering by Aditya Bidikar, the issue is one that has so many small things for you to linger on the page and stare at. While those visuals absolutely help build the world and hint at what we’re dealing with, they also aren’t explained enough and seem a bit odd for odd’s sake. Those cool visuals also distract without an explanation of the “why” and “what.”

The first issue has a lot of potential and I want to see where it goes. There’s a good chance the miniseries will read better as a whole than it does as single issues and those issues I have with the weird visuals will be explained later. Little Bird #1 absolutely creates and builds an interesting world but leaves too much out there not explained or acknowledged to not distract from the main story.

Story: Darcy Van Poelgeest Art: Ian Bertram
Color: Matt Hollingsworth Letterer: Aditya Bidikar

Design: Ben Didier
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review